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octave_swig_type Class Reference

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struct  cpp_ptr

Public Member Functions

octave_value as_value ()
void assign (const std::string &name, const octave_value &ov)
void assign (const std::string &name, const swig_octave_member *m)
void * cast (swig_type_info *type, int *_own, int flags)
octave_base_value * clone () const
virtual octave_value convert_to_str (bool pad=false, bool force=false, char type= '"') const
virtual octave_value convert_to_str_internal (bool pad, bool force, char type) const
void decref ()
void director_destroyed (Swig::Director *d)
octave_base_value * empty_clone () const
const char * help_text () const
void incref ()
void install_global ()
bool is_defined () const
virtual bool is_map () const
bool is_owned () const
virtual bool is_string () const
virtual bool load_ascii (std::istream &is)
virtual bool load_binary (std::istream &is, bool swap, oct_mach_info::float_format fmt)
virtual string_vector map_keys () const
virtual Octave_map map_value () const
void merge (octave_swig_type &rhs)
 octave_swig_type (void *_ptr=0, const swig_type_info *_type=0, int _own=0, bool _always_static=false)
void print (std::ostream &os, bool pr_as_read_syntax=false) const
virtual bool save_ascii (std::ostream &os)
virtual bool save_binary (std::ostream &os, bool &save_as_floats)
virtual std::string string_value (bool force=false) const
octave_value subsasgn (const std::string &ops, const std::list< octave_value_list > &idx, const octave_value &rhs)
virtual octave_value_list subsref (const std::string &ops, const std::list< octave_value_list > &idx, int nargout)
virtual octave_value subsref (const std::string &ops, const std::list< octave_value_list > &idx)
long swig_this () const
std::string swig_type_name () const

Static Public Member Functions

static octave_value dispatch_binary_op (const octave_base_value &lhs, const octave_base_value &rhs, const char *op_name)
static bool dispatch_global_op (const std::string &symbol, const octave_value_list &args, octave_value &ret)
static octave_value dispatch_unary_op (const octave_base_value &x, const char *op_name)

Private Types

typedef std::map< std::string,
member_value_pair > 
typedef std::pair< const
*, octave_value > 
typedef std::pair< const
swig_type_info *, cpp_ptr

Private Member Functions

bool dispatch_binary_op (const std::string &symbol, const octave_base_value &rhs, octave_value &ret)
bool dispatch_index_op (const std::string &symbol, const octave_value_list &rhs, octave_value_list &ret)
bool dispatch_unary_op (const std::string &symbol, octave_value &ret)
const swig_type_infofind_base (const std::string &name, const swig_type_info *base)
member_value_pair * find_member (const std::string &name, bool insert_if_not_found)
const swig_octave_memberfind_member (const swig_type_info *type, const std::string &name)
void load_members (const swig_octave_class *c, member_map &out) const
void load_members (member_map &out) const
octave_value_list member_deref (member_value_pair *m, const octave_value_list &args)
octave_value_list member_invoke (member_value_pair *m, const octave_value_list &args, int nargout)
 octave_swig_type (const octave_swig_type &x)
octave_swig_typeoperator= (const octave_swig_type &rhs)

Static Private Member Functions

static octave_value make_value_hack (const octave_base_value &x)

Private Attributes

bool always_static
const swig_type_infoconstruct_type
member_map members
int own
std::vector< type_ptr_pair > types

Detailed Description

Definition at line 921 of file ann_wrap.cpp.

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